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May 2017

IndexGold is released. As part of an equity and funding re-structure of The Real Asset Co. Ltd and in collaboration with London Stock exchange AIM-listed Lionsgold Limited (LSE: LION), a new strategy is implemented commencing with phase 1 being the re-brand of the gold investment platform to IndexGold.com

November 2016

The Real Asset Co. Ltd agrees a joint venture (JV) with London Stock exchange AIM-listed Lionsgold Limited (LSE: LION) (at the time called Kolar Gold Ltd) to build a gold and silver trading platform for the Indian market.

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January 2015

The Real Asset Company is proud to release the Goldbloc initiative, their gold-backed cryptocurrency. Built using blockchain technology, The Real Asset Company has created a cryptocurrency backed by one gram of gold. The gold backing Goldbloc is allocated at the point of sale and stored in LBMA approved vaults.

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December 2013

Goldbugs big data

Our polls over the year collect over 5,000 responses from gold investors around the world, informing a range of research reports and infographics.

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November 2013

The Young Guns of Gold

The Real Asset Co.’s Jan Skoyles starts the Young Guns of Gold with fellow gold investment analysts Jordan Eliseo, Ronald Stoeferle and Tekoa da Silva.

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November 2013

Huffington Post blogging

The Real Asset Co.’s Will Bancroft, now blogging for the Huffington Post as well as The Real Asset Company, talking about crypto-currencies, gold bullion and money.

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October 2013

China Gold Rush

The Real Asset Co.’s Jan Skoyles teams up with research partner Koos Jansen to produce another series of research reports, this time on the enigma of the gold buying market: China.

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September 2013

New global coverage

The Real Asset Company now used for buying gold online by clients in over 15 countries, across four continents.

June 2013

Gold Silver Bugs Community

We start our Gold Silver Bugs Community, which goes onto become the biggest gold and silver investing forum on Google+.

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May 2013

Gold Market Unveiled

Our series of in-depth gold market reports begins – looking at gold price discovery, physical gold vs paper gold and Asian demand – with The Real Asset Co.’ work making it onto the Wall Street Journal, Reuters and a host of other financial sites.

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April 2013

The Real Asset Report

The Real Asset Co. releases first edition of The Real Asset Report to clients and the media, before appearing on Newsnight, Al Arabiya and Russia Today to discuss gold prices and her gold price analysis.

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April 2013

South American clients now active

South American clients now active on our platform, as they seek to protect themselves from currency controls and financial repression buy buying physical gold.

March 2013

Gold Price Calculators

New range of Gold Price Calculators released to help clients better understand difference between price and value when gold investing.

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March 2013

Australasian clients now on our platform

Australasian clients now choosing The Real Asset Company for their gold and silver investing.

March 2013

New infographics

New site section for stunning infographics on gold, silver, money and more goes live.

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February 2013

Gold market star analyst

The Real Asset Co. market presence growing with regular TV, radio and media appearances for BBC, Forbes, Telegraph, Wall St Journal, Yahoo and more.

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February 2013

Scandinavian clients now using The Real Asset Company

Scandinavian clients begin using The Real Asset Company to buy gold and silver, as the Eurozone crisis rumbles on.

January 2013

Cash versus gold

Cash versus gold site section launched explaining marked differences between gold bars and cash in the banks.

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January 2013

Gold and silver savings plans launched

Flexible range of gold and silver savings plans launched to help clients buy gold and silver each month, without the hassle and worry of market timing.

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December 2012

American clients now using our platform

American clients using platform to buy gold bullion bars, in their preferred bullion vault choice of Singapore.

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November 2012

New range of global gold bullion vaults launched

In response to customer feedback, we open a new range of global gold bullion vaults with Malca Amit. Gold bullion can now be traded in multi-currencies, in Geneva, London and Singapore.

October 2012

Gold bullion SIPP service goes live

Gold bullion SIPP service now offered with range of reputable providers.

September 2012

German and Dutch clients now use The Real Asset Company

German and Dutch clients now using The Real Asset Company to buy gold online.

August 2012

Education Centre launches

Website supplemented with new Education Centre, helping those newer to the gold and silver markets quickly get up to speed, learn key bullion investment tips and understand the range of investment products.

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July 2012

Own vault service launched

Unique own vault service launched with new vaulting partners, Malca Amit, for gold and silver bullion.

July 2012

Swiss and French clients start using The Real Asset Company

Swiss and French clients start using our platform for their online gold bullion investments.

February 2012

Open Hong Kong vaults with Via Mat

Open Hong Kong vaults with Via Mat, for gold and silver bullion.

November 2011

UK clients start using our platform

First UK clients buy gold online with The Real Asset Company.

September 2011

Digital marketing activity commences

Start working with our digital marketing partners.

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June 2011

Jan Skoyles starts our research desk

The team begins to grow as Jan Skoyles joins our Research Desk.

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March 2011

Buy gold with best comment analysis

Research desk begins to publish Comment and Analysis section of site, to help investors skill up and answer the question of why buy gold?

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December 2010

Platform launches

Developers finish the technology build; the investment platform goes live enabling people to invest in gold in London vaults, in multi-currencies.

September 2010

The Real Asset Company is formed

Ralph Hazell founds The Real Asset Company with Will Bancroft as a way to improve gold and silver bullion investment.