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The Real Asset Company was started to enable greater choice for retail investors and improved access to the bullion markets. The simple yet powerful platform was designed to help smaller investors buy gold bullion with the same security and efficiencies available in the wholesale markets, all from one online account. The platform was designed to satisfy professional traders yet also appeal to less experienced investors. We also wanted to make it easier and more efficient for individuals to buy gold and take personal possession of their bullion bars, and crucially set up their own professional vault facility.

Having founded The Real Asset Company in 2010, and subsequently developed the gold and silver buying and trading platform, it is exciting to combine our capabilities with that of Lionsgold under the new global brand “IndexGold”. This sees us enter the next exciting chapter for the platform and additional related products, to help people buy, sell and hold physical allocated gold and silver.

Ralph Hazell

Founder and CEO

Ralph Hazell

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Ralph is the founder of The Real Asset Co, and was previously a trader and market maker in the fixed income and commodity markets for over 10 years. He was a founding partner of Trafalgar Financial Futures in Gibraltar, and of Jebel Tariq Trading in Dubai, which was the first company to automate market making in gold futures on the DGCX Dubai Gold and Commodities exchange.

In 2007 Ralph left the markets to pursue his interest in retail driven marketplaces and exchanges. Whilst building a range of technology platforms, Ralph founded MoneySwap, a P2P currency exchange. MoneySwap was listed on AIM in 2011 and Ralph remains a shareholder.

Ralph is a firm believer in gold and its role in the financial system. Ralph has been buying gold bullion since 2000, and founded The Real Asset Company to improve access to the gold markets for individuals. He is now Head of Markets.

Lionsgold Limited (LSE: LION) is a London Stock Exchange quoted gold exploration company with assets in India and Finland, complemented by a gold-focused financial technology division to promote and facilitate the retail use of precious metals. In November 2016, Lionsgold acquired a strategic equity position in The Real Asset Company and entered into a joint venture to adapt their platform to target the India market. In May 2017 that partnership was expanded by rolling up the joint venture whereby Lionsgold was issued with additional equity in TRAC Technology Ltd.

Lionsgold is excited to partner with The Real Asset company and grow its established gold trading platform with additional products as IndexGold. We believe there is significant demand from the general public to be able to conveniently directly own and utilise physical gold to protect and maximize their family’s financial future.

Cameron Parry

CEO Lionsgold

Cameron Parry

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“IndexGold is the result of work and negotiations between Lionsgold and TRAC Technology Ltd, that commenced under our India-focused JV initiated in November 2016. Since that time the potential commercial opportunity has evolved and the parties agreed to progress with a single entity focus, to develop products together and grow consumer numbers, across multiple jurisdictions.

Lionsgold is pleased to help develop IndexGold and providing an online physical gold and silver trading platform that allows individuals to buy and hold gold and silver, with the same convenience as using their other online accounts. The board of Lionsgold believe there is a growing awareness in the mainstream about the importance of holding part of one’s personal cash and cash-like assets in physical gold whilst having the freedom to easily convert back and forth to cash and gold as desired.”