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About IndexGold

The next-generation gold investment platform

IndexGold is a trading name for The Real Asset Co. Ltd that enables individuals around the world to buy gold and silver bullion securely and efficiently. Our investor-friendly platform sits on top of first-class global vaulting infrastructure, providing an online account to buy and sell gold and silver and holding precious metals.

Goldbloc, our gold-backed cryptocurrency initiative adds an additional layer of transparency and control to your gold. Backed by one gram of gold, we believe Goldbloc is the first step to bringing gold back to the mainstream as a medium of exchange.

When you buy gold, you take direct ownership of allocated gold that becomes your legal property. You own physical gold – we are just the custodian. We think this provides a superior product to gold ETFs, securities and unallocated gold accounts, where the client does not have legal title to physical gold bullion. Why invest in gold if you don’t own the real thing?